Wrexham Karaoke DJ

A Karaoke DJ Helping Pubs & Clubs in Wrexham Host Amazing Karaoke Nights

We are Vinny’s Karaoke Machine, a Mobile Disco who help pubs and clubs in Wrexham and beyond to take their Karaoke Night to the next level.

Our outstanding Karaoke services give your business the boost it needs to stay on top of live music entertainment.

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Karaoke services for Bars, Pubs, and Clubs in Wrexham

We work with leisure venue owners and bar managers in Wrexham and all over North Wales to provide Karaoke and Mobile Disco events.

If you’re looking for a mobile Karaoke in Wrexham or looking for a regular DJ to entertain your clientele, we offer affordable Karaoke services that help to keep your customers entertained.

We’ll take your party to the next level, by providing a package of tailored entertainment to keep you ahead of your competitors.

We’ll relieve the stresses of your customers by offering Karaoke nights that allow them to be entertained while also becoming part of the entertainment.

We’ll bring more customers to your venue and we’ll help to turn those customers into regulars.

We’ll provide a free-of-charge consultation, to make sure your next karaoke party is a hit.

A Friendly and Reliable Wrexham Karaoke DJ

Vinny’s Karaoke Machine started out in 2002 as a Karaoke DJ in Wrexham with a duty to delivery a unique and dependable mobile disco service.

Since then, we expanded out to North Wales and Chester and became a recommended entertainment supplier. Our DJs are friendly and experienced, working with venues across the area.

With considerable experience in Karaoke and Mobile Disco, our team of Karaoke DJs are specialists in Karaoke, Disco, and Race Nights.

We will help to increase your footfall and attact new customers in the Wrexham area, expand awareness of your venue, and take your party to the next level.

The affordability of our services means that we can meet your entertainment needs in a budget-friendly and cost-effective manner.

Our prices are fixed from the date of your quote. You’ll always know what you’re going to get and exactly what it’s going to cost. There are no nasty surprises and no hidden extras.

We Achieve Amazing Results With Karaoke Services That Work

Your pub deserves a Karaoke DJ to deliver the results that your business needs and that’s when you should call Vinny’s Karaoke Machine.

What Do Our Wrexham Karaoke Services Include?

An outstanding Karaoke DJ can transform your business by growing your customer base and increasing your footfall.

As part of our free consultation, we’ll pay attention to your requirements and offer a fixed-price quote to meet your specific needs, utilising all of our Karaoke, Disco, and entertainment services.

We are aware that every bar, pub, and club is different, with different requirements. We’ll create a bespoke package to help your karaoke night to become a hit.