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How do the lyrics get on the screen?

Don’t worry if you can’t quite remember how a song goes or if you forget the words, when you book Vinny’s Karaoke Machine for your next event, the lyrics are displayed on two or more large screen TVs. Showing the words on more than one screen ensures that you can sing along with the music and your guests can help you out if needed as they will be able to see the lyrics on one of the screens.

In function rooms or pubs and clubs with multiple rooms, we can show the words on your own TV screens, throughout the venue. Up to 16 TVs can be connected to the output of our Karaoke system.


Only a few years ago…

In the past, putting on a Karaoke show in the local pubs and clubs required the perfect combination of the right power cords and carrying hundreds of boxes of LaserDiscs or CD&G (CD+Graphics) Discs.


The G in CD&G stands for Graphics. Even with an hour of recorded music, a normal CD has some spare room. A CD&G disc uses this normally spare space, to store the graphics, in this case the graphics are the lyrics to the song.

While the CD&G player plays the music, it reads the graphics straight from the disc and displays them on the screen.


A LaserDisc is much larger than a CD. At twelve inches wide, a LaserDisc is roughly the same size as a vinyl record – remember those?

Thanks to their bigger size, LaserDiscs were far more expensive to produce than an ordinary CD. The larger size and greater expense of the format, led to the format dying out. 

Back to the Future

Nowadays, with most things being digitised and computer-based, we don’t have to worry too much about how the lyrics end up on the screen. We just focus on making you and your friends sound great.

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What about trailing cables?

Our top priority is making sure that you and your guests have a safe, enjoyable evening. With this in mind, we only use Wireless Microphones, completely avoiding the need for long cables, which could be dangerous or unsightly, which would totally spoil your photos!

Our Wireless Microphones use the latest technology. Their batteries are specifically designed to keep you and your guests singing for the duration of your event, throughout the day and until the end of the night.

Time for your Big Speech

Besides singing, another common use for a wireless microphone system, is the Best Man’s speech at your wedding or a classic After Dinner Speech. The person speaking is free to move around the room, without worrying about being weighed down by a long heavy cable dragging behind them.

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Can you stop feedback?

Yes, we can!

Some of you may know feedback as the horrible sound that your phone would make when you held it up to the radio or the noise you hear when you walk in front of a speaker, with a microphone in your hand. Feedback sounds horrible, but it can also damage speakers, and maybe even hurt your hearing.

We deal with feedback in a number of ways:-

  1. We position speakers properly and ensure that microphones are kept away from sources of feedback, wherever possible.
  2. We use something called gain-staging, which is a way of setting out the volume, while avoiding any unwanted noise.
  3. We always carry a Feedback Destroyer or Feedback Eliminator. The Feedback Destroyer “listens” for signs of feedback and stops the feedback squeal or scream, before it gets to the speakers.

I’m very nervous or shy about singing. What advice can you give me?

From experience, the best advice we give anyone who may not be keen on singing in front of a crowd is to practise and enjoy.

Absolutely everything gets better, the more you practise, this includes singing in a crowd.

We will always work hard throughout the evening, to ensure you’re sounding great.