Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad – Top Three Karaoke Songs Ranked

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To mark valentine’s day and in honour of Meat Loaf, the actor and singer who passed away last January 20th, we have ranked our most requested karaoke songs in order of number of times requested. We are pleased to write that there are two Meat Loaf songs in our top three. The complete chart will be saved for a future blog post.

How did we compile our top 3?

We keep track of our Karaoke Requests and keep a close eye on the hotly requested hits. This and a wealth of experience helps us to suggest songs when you really want to sing karaoke, but you’re not sure what you would like to sing. If you need some inspiration, our knowledge of the most popular songs will help.

What if people ask for the same song in the same evening?

This does happen, but we have to take that into account. When a song is requested multiple times in the same venue or on the same occasion, we have only listed the song once. Having this musical knowledge helps us to understand the most popular karaoke songs in a particular pub or club and also the most popular karaoke songs overall.

The Top Three Most Requested Karaoke Songs

  1. Meat Loaf – Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad
    A love ballad with the perspective of a break up – something that everyone will be able to relate to.
  2. Meat Loaf – I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)
    A dramatic powerful duet with an intense backing of guitar and piano.
  3. Robbie Williams – Angels
    A super-natural song penned by Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers.

It is a pleasing note that based on our karaoke requests, Meat Loaf and two of his songs top our chart. This singer who sadly passed away this year, has touched so many lives with his soulful voice and a character that truly understood the words and the music, composed and written by his musical partner Jim Steinman, who also sadly died last April 19th 2021.

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