The biggest day of anyone’s life is their wedding day. The biggest moment of your life could be making the perfect best man’s speech at your best friend’s wedding. Let’s make your big day a success. We have prepared some pointers below to make your speech a success.

Keep It Simple

If you feel nervous about giving your speech, the best advice we can give you is to KISS it. Keep It Short & Sweet. You want to hold the audience’s attention with your speech. Keep your speech intentionally short as a way to make sure that nobody finds it boring.

Introduce Yourself

This is your starting point, some people in the room may have never met you. Let them know who you are and how you know the happy couple.

Bring Out the Jokes

You can even break out a joke or two about not being keen on speaking in public, which will put your guests at ease and let them know that you’re not going to drone on for hours and hours.

After the introductions are out of the way, it’s time to make some people laugh. The classic best man’s speech should have a few laughs from the audience. The bride or groom will be wondering what stories you’re about to share. Take the change to have fun with it!

It’s time to bring out the stories that show off the funniest, best (or worst) bits from the past. Keep them laughing and smiling but you should avoid being unkind or cruel towards the Husband or Wife. .

Wrap It Up Nicely

It’s Time To Congratulate The Happy Couple

After introducing yourself to the entire room and cracking a few jokes, your mouth will be feeling a little dry and you’ll feel like getting back to your seat.

Before you sit back down, it’s time to remind to your guests why they’re all here today. Now is the time to tell the new wife or husband how amazing they look. Give them your best wishes for the future.

Tradition tells us that you should finish off by raising a glass to the new couple. Lead the room in a toast to the new couple, hand the microphone back and your work is done!