About Vinny’s Karaoke Machine

We are Vinny’s Karaoke Machine, a Karaoke DJ for pubs, clubs, bars, and leisure venues.

Every weekend, we provide mobile karaoke and disco to pubs, clubs, and function rooms. Our karaoke and mobile disco packages are bespoke to the specific needs of your pub or club. Our price quotes are fixed, with no hidden extras.

Our clients include hundreds of Pubs, Clubs, and bars in the Wrexham, Chester, and North Wales areas.

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Where It All Began

Hi, I’m Vinny, I’m the proprietor of Vinny’s Karaoke Machine.

I started Vinny’s Karaoke Machine in 2002, after inheriting microphones, mixers, amplifiers, and speakers, from a close family friend. Having helped to run Karaoke Nights at local pubs, clubs, and community centres and seeing how music could transform a venue and its clientele, I was undeniably hooked and began knocking on the doors of other venues. Word-of-mouth spread fast and very soon, I was providing Karaoke and Mobile Disco to many pubs and clubs in surrounding towns and villages.

Starting conversations with these local pubs and clubs, it became clear that misinformation spread by other ❝DJs❞ was a huge issue. Every time a business received poor service from a Karaoke DJ, it became less likely to book a DJ or Disco again.

This was creating a big problem for pubs and clubs who were frightened of being scammed or ripped off.

By 2012, I was a recommended supplier for many Pubs and Clubs in Wrexham and Mold.  I would love to tell you this was part of some huge master plan, I just kept doing what I did best, which was providing Karaoke and Disco to an exceptional standard, at a competitive price. Word of mouth continued to spread and pubs, clubs, and members of the public, continued to contact me for help with their karaoke party.

Our Values

Our Mobile Disco and quiz nights helped our first pub manager go from barely getting customers through the door, to taking on his next pub, and several other pubs in the local area. The buzz of that impact was infectious. We became addicted to having that kind of effect on pubs and clubs. Karaoke, Disco, and Quiz Nights became our specialities, because we have witnessed how interactive entertainment can transform your pub or club.